A Glimpse Of India’s Wealth Looted By Sultan Mahmud Of Ghazni — A Talk By Manoshi Sinha

This talk by Manoshi Sinha presents a glimpse of India’s wealth looted (amounting in trillions) by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni. India was once upon a time the richest country in the world. Existing glory and riches started declining with Islamic invasion, plunder and rule and later British supremacy. One of the biggest loot and plunder of India was conducted by Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni. With the wealth looted from India, Mahmud turned Ghazna that covered Pakistan, eastern Iran, and parts of Afghanistan into a wealthy empire. Every household, as described by Persian historian Firishta, was abundantly rich with several slaves (captives taken from India, especially women).

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Manoshi Sinha is the author of 7 books including two books on Krishna. She is a history researcher blogger and an avid heritage traveler. Read More…

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