1. Transcription of #SrijanTalks: –

Srijan Talks is a series of talks by distinguished scholars and experts on important topics covering history, economics, Indian languages, education, culture, temples, dharma, traditions, gender issues and burning current topics.

We invite Volunteers for the transcription of Srijan Talks. Click on the below button to get full details of transcription work.

2. Translation Of Short Transcripts/Articles:-

Srijan Video Team carves out important portion from every Srijan Talk and these small video portions are called Snippet Videos. Transcript of a snippet video is considered as an Article.

We need Volunteers to translate these articles to various Indic Languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, etc. Click on the below button to get detailed instructions for the translation of articles.

3. Subtitling The Video Snippets:

Each short article has a corresponding small video snippet. After the translation of articles, the volunteer has to subtitle the video. For Instructions on subtitling work, click the below button.